Silons is a Fashion House based at the heart of United Kingdom, in Birmingham.

Silons, situated in Birmingham's premier Asian shopping centre; Soho Road, was established in 1985, from a small clientele and later developed into becoming UK's leading Asian fashion house. Silons with its new image and branding was driven by customer satisfaction and requirements, which incorporated custom made and designed outfits with its very own in house design consultants who provide exceptional attention to detail, which gave Silons the cutting edge in Fashion Design.

Currently, Silons is one of the leading brands in Asian fashion and accessories, offering an extensive range of sarees, exclusive evening wear, and elegant bridal wear and accessories to match. Silons strives to enhance and incorporate innovative designs into its haute couture but under no circumstances disregards Asian tradition and culture. Silons maintains the ancient art form of embroidery, by using traditional embroideries such as zardosi, zari, and rajastani embroidery integrated with its designs. These embroideries are created by Silons own karigars in India, where the art form originated. Silons also takes a great deal of consideration on fabric selection, from cottons, silks, georgettes to brocade.

Silons has a vast selection of services and products to offer to its clientele, and also enhances the quality of fashion design, with the cutting edge in fabrics, embroideries and accessories. Silons also boasts its exclusive one to one consultations to ensure customer satisfaction.